iTero Element®

Visualize Your New Smile w/ Digital Tech like the iTero Element

Digital technology like the iTero Element scanner has changed the way Dr. Harkin and our team approaches restorative and orthodontic dental treatments — and we’re excited about how it will change your dental experience, too!

In seconds, we can provide our patients with a visual representation of the treatment results.

iTero Element

With virtual technology, Dr. Harkin can show you how:

  • Crowded teeth can be straightened with Invisalign®
  • The upper and lower teeth fit together (bite relationship)
  • Changes in oral conditions like tooth wear, tooth alignment, and periodontal problems can be tracked

When you trust us to restore and enhance your smile, we use digital technology because:

  • We’re passionate about providing the highest-quality dental care
  • We care about your comfort
  • We respect your time

Custom Dental Crowns, Invisalign treatments, Protective Nightguards, and Implant Dentistry

The iTero Element scanner significantly minimizes our need to use traditional dental molds or impressions for treatments like crowns, Invisalign®, and nightguards. Digital imaging has also proven to be an asset when it comes to dental implant procedures. Once a dental implant has been placed, Dr. Harkin can utilize the iTero scanner to design a custom abutment or implant crown.

iTero closeup

Welcome to the Future of 3D Dentistry No more gooey impressions!

Today, instead of gooey impressions, our team uses a digital scanner to document the shapes and curves of teeth with incredible ease and accuracy. The high-definition video and touch screen captures 3D images in real-time, providing detailed information about your smile. These digital dental images provide our laboratory partners with the information they’ll need to design your customized dental restoration.

Our scanner communicates directly with our laboratory partners, and your digital images will be uploaded for quick access. By eliminating the traditional delivery process, we can increase the speed of our communications with the lab, and you’ll receive a faster, more accurate dental restoration.

Let’s Make Your Virtual Smile a Reality

If you’re interested in dental crowns, Invisalign®, and other custom dental procedures using 3D technology, contact Dr. Harkin and our team for an appointment today. We’ll show you how the iTero Element scanner can bring your virtual smile to life!