Full Mouth Reconstruction

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction? Full Mouth Reconstruction is ‘Big Picture Dentistry.’

It means taking time to consider your overall oral health and crafting a plan to regain complete functionality. Rebuilding and strengthening your oral health requires a combination of multiple dental procedures. Looking at the big picture, Dr. Harkin employs a comprehensive treatment approach to rehabilitate your teeth and bite.

More than just a cosmetic enhancement, the goal of full mouth reconstruction is to provide you with fully functional teeth. With proper planning, and with the help of Dr. Harkin’s experienced team, you’ll be able to enjoy a strong, healthy, comfortable smile again.

This high level of comprehensive dental care is necessary and essential if you are affected by the following conditions:

Specialized Dental Services For Your Unique Dental Needs

When you meet with Dr. Harkin, you’ll work together to design a customized, multifaceted plan for your oral health goals. Rebuilding your teeth may require some collaboration with a number of dental specialists, with your treatment being completed in phases. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Periodontal procedures such as teeth cleanings and gum treatments to establish a healthy foundation for your smile
  • Orthodontic procedures such as bite correction to establish a healthy bite relationship
  • Oral surgery procedures to extract teeth, place dental implants, or reposition the jaw
  • Prosthodontic procedures such as crowns, bridges, dentures, or implants to rebuild the size and shape of the teeth.
All patient casework was planned, treated, and documented by Dr. Laura S. Harkin.

Planning for an Optimal Outcome

Restructuring your smile requires proper planning. Before we ever touch a single tooth, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to Dr. Harkin about how you’d like your teeth to look and feel. Using advanced dental imaging technology and high-quality dental techniques, we can help you to ‘test drive’ your new teeth before your treatment is finalized. Thanks to 3-D dental models, wax representations of your teeth, and even temporary dental restorations, you can feel confident that your new teeth will meet your expectations.

Clinical Excellence and World-Renowned Training

Full mouth reconstructive techniques require a wealth of experience, knowledge, and training. Dr. Harkin has voluntarily pursued advanced dental education throughout her career and achieved the designation of Pankey Scholar in 2020. This was the result of an intensive two-year journey which has been completed by fewer than 100 dental practitioners to date. The prestigious Pankey Institute provides advanced training for highly qualified dentists in the areas of aesthetics and occlusion. This specialized training ensures Pankey graduates can create clinically excellent dental work in terms of appearance and functionality.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for You?

Strong, functional teeth are essential to your overall health—not just your oral health. Proper chewing is important to your nutrition and digestive process. Stable dental health means eliminating inflammation and infection in your body which can reduce unnecessary strain on your immune system.

If broken, deteriorated teeth are affecting your physical health and the quality of your life, full mouth reconstruction could be the answer. Contact our experienced team today to learn more.