Talking to the Dentist about Hepatitis

Talking to the Dentist about HepatitisThe viruses known as HPV (Hepatitis B) and HCV (Hepatitis C) are the cause of chronic liver disease and a host of other health problems. It’s a contagious disease that can affect the way that your body responds to dental care and it can also influence the type of dental care that you receive. Dentists in the New Holland PA area are required to be immunized against these viruses, and they are also trained to provide high-level dental care for patients who are living with the disease. Here’s what you should know about Hepatitis and your dental health:

  1. Keep the dental team informed and updated. If your Hepatitis is in the acute stage, you may still be able to receive urgent dental care, but elective dental treatments should be postponed. Because chronic hepatitis infections can often go unnoticed, the dental team is trained to practice standard infection control precautions for all patients.
  2. Get a thorough checkup. Liver disease can affect the lining of your mouth, making you vulnerable to secondary infections and irritations. Cracking in the corners of the mouth, loss of taste buds, dry mouth, and gingivitis are common symptoms that can be managed with help from the dentist.
  3. Beware of bleeding and adverse drug interactions. Liver disease can reduce your body’s ability to form the blood clots which are necessary for controlling bleeding after invasive procedures. Liver disease can also alter the way that your body metabolizes certain drugs. Your physician should always be consulted prior to surgical dental procedures.

Informing the dental team of your Hepatitis infection will ensure that your dental visit is welcoming and thorough. Dental professionals are trained to be compassionate and nonjudgmental, while also taking the appropriate safety precautions for your health and the health of those around you. Schedule an appointment today to talk to a New Holland dentist about Hepatitis and your oral health.