New Holland PA Dentist Likes Heavy Metal Bands on Radio, Not Teeth

When you think about metal bands, music should come to mind instead of teeth. Although metal braces are sometimes unavoidable for creating a properly-aligned smile, most everyone would prefer a metal-free option if given the choice. Currently, millions of Americans are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment, and most have voiced their dissatisfaction with the old-time metal bands and headgear.

The orthodontic industry has responded to these complaints by offering more modern solutions that are metal-free (or minimally metal), more comfortable, and can deliver faster results. Your New Holland PA dentist can help you to explore your options.

Lots of adults will have trouble justifying their decision to get braces if the only motivating factor is cosmetics. But, remember that the benefits of braces don’t stop there. Ask your dentist if braces will help to address your other dental issues such as gum disease, cavities, TMJ problems, speaking, or chewing. If so, then a great smile is simply an added bonus. The real advantage is the improvement in your oral health and the function of your teeth and jaws.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean, less prone to gum disease, and more efficient when it comes to chewing or speaking.

Certain orthodontic conditions can only be treated with metal appliances, but there is no need to panic. Today’s, nickel-titanium archwires are thinner and more flexible, making them more attractive and more comfortable than the bulky and rigid appliances of the past.

For mild or moderate orthodontic conditions, there are options which are less obvious—or even invisible, for a more fashionable look. There are tooth-colored brackets and clear aligners that can perform most orthodontic functions with more privacy. Some of these solutions are removable and some have significantly shortened treatment times.

If you think that orthodontic treatment might be right for you, don’t assume that it will be unattractive or inconvenient. Just ask your dentist in New Holland PA for some professional advice today.