New Holland PA Dentist has Dental Solutions for the Mature Crowd

SeniorCoupleSmAfter the candy years, your smile still needs work. During your 40’s and 50’s, long after you have learned to appreciate the importance of taking care of your teeth, it’s not uncommon to visit a New Holland PA dentist only to find out that you need fillings, crowns, and implants.

Even if you have given up on sweets, started carrying floss in your pocket, and never miss your 6 month check-up, there’s still a strong possibility that you’ll face some pretty serious dental challenges at this time in your life. What causes dental problems for a mature and responsible 40 or 50-year old?

  • Acid enamel erosion
  • Bruxism
  • Cavities on exposed tooth roots
  • Lifelong wear and tear
  • Dry mouth

At this age, you may not be vulnerable to cavities on the tops of your teeth, as you once were when you were a child. However, your teeth could require a fair amount of maintenance and restorative procedures, including:

Few dental restorations or procedures are designed to last forever. Fillings wear out, porcelain fractures away from crown, gum lines begin to recede, and it’s not uncommon for multiple dental concerns to crop up at one time. After all, most of your teeth have been in your mouth for approximately the same length of time, and they’ve all been exposed to the same circumstances (foods, beverages, accidents, bacteria, etc.). Like a set of tires on a car, when one begins to wear out, there’s a sporting chance that the others will require some work in the near future.

Times have certainly changed. While your parents and grandparents might have expected to be toothless and wearing dentures by a certain age, your generation can expect to maintain a full and healthy smile for a lifetime. To rebuild and restore the teeth that you hope to keep forever, talk to a dentist in New Holland PA today.