New Holland Dental Tips to Speed Healing after Wisdom Tooth Surgery

When you heed these tips for a speedy recovery after your wisdom tooth surgery, you’ll put yourself in position for the best possible outcome, and you’ll be back to your real life in just a matter of days. In fact, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to get back on your feet after your surgery, barring any unforeseen complications. You can trust the professionals at your New Holland PA dental office to provide you with the clinical and moral support to make your recovery as uneventful as possible.

Healing after surgery is always best when you start with a healthy body. Controlling chronic health conditions, quitting smoking, and not scheduling your surgery when you are ill gets you off to the right start. Next, take note of these post-operative recommendations:

  • Bite firmly and steadily on a gauze pad to control bleeding during the first 24 hours, changing it for a fresh one as needed.
  • Use pillows to keep your head propped up as you rest after surgery. Keeping your head elevated will help to slow the bleeding.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise during the first few days after surgery will also help to prevent heavy bleeding.
  • Follow your dentist’s advice regarding the appropriate pain relievers, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, but it is generally wise to avoid any medications that contain aspirin (a known blood-thinner which can prolong bleeding).
  • Use an ice pack to control swelling at the extraction site.
  • Choosing soft foods and avoiding the use of drinking straws or cigarettes will prevent you from disturbing the blood clot in the tooth socket which is essential to the healing process.

After 24 hours, the bleeding should stop or subside significantly. Permitting yourself to rest as much as possible and eating nutritiously should carry you through the healing process with ease. For the answers to your other questions regarding your wisdom teeth extractions, contact your dentist in New Holland PA today.