Why You Should Never Skip Dental X-rays

Why You Should Never Skip Dental X-raysIf you’ve ever been tempted to skip your annual dental x-rays, dentists in New Holland PA are urging you to think again. Dental x-rays are a valuable and essential part of the diagnostic process, and dental professionals are trained to adhere to strict safety standards throughout the process. In fact, the use of x-ray technology in dentistry has been fined tuned to such a degree of precision that the benefits of having them taken will always outweigh the risks.

In fact, it’s been proven that patients who refuse dental x-rays when they are recommended could be putting their health in jeopardy. The most commonly recommended x-rays are:

  • Bitewings (To detect problems between the teeth and periodontal problems).
  • Single radiographs (To evaluate a single area).
  • Panoramic or Full Mouth Series (To evaluate the sinus area, temporomandibular joints [TMJ], mid-to-lower facial bones, upper spinal cord, soft tissue, and all of the existing teeth).

Without the appropriate x-ray images, dentists want you to know that it is virtually impossible to administer a complete oral examination. Any possible existing tooth decay, dental disease, or other abnormalities are likely to go undiagnosed. Plus, postponing or delaying the x-ray process could mean the underlying decay, disease, or abnormalities could become worse without your knowledge or the dentist’s knowledge and harm your overall health. It has been shown that some of the most serious dental conditions can become advanced or irreversible without presenting any warning signs. That means that you could be attacked by cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer without feeling or seeing anything until it’s too late!

Don’t put off your dental x-rays for another moment. You could be risking much more than you think– an undetected infected tooth, gum disease, or a cancerous lesion could become a whole-body problem in the blink of an eye. To schedule your next dental checkup with x-rays, contact a New Holland PA dentist today.