Dental Implants are Excellent for Young Adults

dental implants young adults dentist New HollandTooth loss isn’t a problem that is limited to the elderly population. Contrary to what you might think, young adults are often faced with the problem of missing teeth for a variety of reasons. New Holland dentists are likely to recommend dental implants as the premiere tooth replacement option for young adults, and here’s why:

  1. Younger dental implant candidates can expect a faster and less complicated healing process as compared to older dental implant patients.
  2. Younger patients can expect to enjoy more years with dental implants, which should last a lifetime, and this translates into a reduced cost per year for the artificial tooth.
  3. Young adults often suffer from tooth loss as the result of an accident, a sports injury, or a severe teeth grinding habit.
  4. Later in life, poor nutrition, decreasing health, and deteriorating dental hygiene are factors which can prevent elderly patients from qualifying for dental implants.
  5. In the younger population, conditions such as bulimia and GERD can cause serious dental problems which could lead to tooth loss.

Are You Too Young to Get Implants?

The primary goal of modern dentistry is to preserve the natural teeth. However, when tooth loss occurs, implants are the optimal solution. Adults as young as the early twenties are typically good candidates for the procedure. Initially, implants may appear to be more costly than other traditional tooth replacements like bridges or removable dentures, but you can count on implants to last longer with regular care. This clinically proven benefit makes dental implants significantly more valuable for younger people.

For young adults, dental implants also provide a great deal of comfort as it pertains to the way that your smile feels and looks. Implants look more like real teeth and function with incredible stability. These are characteristics that are invaluable to today’s active young adults.

If you are a young adult who has experienced tooth loss, call a New Holland dentist for a dental implant consultation today.