3 Dental Tips for Smoothie Season

dental tips smoothie season dentist New HollandHappy New Year! It’s a great time to set new resolutions for your health and wellness. If fruit and veggie smoothies are part of your new year’s routine, then heed this advice from some leading New Holland dentists to ensure that your smile looks just as good as your body.

  1. Enjoy your smoothie through a straw. Fresh fruits and vegetables like kale and blueberries are loaded with natural pigments that can stain your teeth in a major way. You can reduce the amount of staining by limiting the amount of time that these pigments are in contact with your teeth. Try drinking your smoothie through a straw to bypass your teeth while still enjoying the health benefits.
  2. Watch out for acidic ingredients. Lemon juice, apples, and citrus fruits are naturally acidic and can erode the surface of your teeth if you aren’t careful. Be aware of these ingredients in your smoothie and try to limit their frequency whenever possible. You can still have them every day, but you should certainly avoid sipping acidic beverages all day long. Instead, try to finish your smoothie within a few minutes to prevent acid erosion and tooth decay.
  3. Chase it with water. Rinsing your mouth with water is the best way to flush out food particles like chia seeds and neutralize plaque acids after you’ve finished your smoothie. Flossing is also helpful for removing those pesky seeds and the pigments that can stain the teeth. Some studies show that brushing immediately after consuming acidic or highly pigmented foods can actually harm the enamel, so rinsing with water is the safest recommendation.

Fresh smoothies that are full of coconut water, chia seeds, kale, flax seed, bananas, and agave nectar are great for your body and your immune system. New Holland dentists are here to make sure that your New Year’s diet is great for your smile, too. For more tips on keeping a healthy smile this year, call to schedule an appointment today.